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Hi everybody!

You will be happy to hear I graduated from the university :D My graduation project, a city generator was very well received and I think you are gonna get to see a couple of renders of generated cities very soon.

I was also asked to answer a few questions here : darkwolfsfantasyreviews.blogsp…;. I think the interview it's worth a look, and the blog itself is very interesting. So click the link :)

Also go and check out the Pixelarts Magazine  ;. I am featured in the last number , but all of them contain really interesting stuff. It has a lot of great content and it is free. You're also gonna find a big article about Fire and Ice , the movie I worked on last year, with a cool making of.

And I think that's about it for now.
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Hello, guys!

It's been a while since my last journal entry and I think is time for some updates.

It is a very busy period for me because I'm trying to finish school :). I should graduate with a degree in computers science this summer. But meanwhile I am also working a lot, and the thing is that I'm working on a lot of projects on the same time.

My website is in the works and should be up soon. I think it's going to have some cool stuff and should be checked out.  Of course, I'll let you know when it is done. I'm also working on a showreel, a showcase of my work from these last years I once it's done I'd love to know what everyone thinks. So stay tuned for all that.

Also Expose 7 should be out soon and I'm happy to say I received a Master Award in the futurescapes category for Sail City... you know it.. the city with sails :) . Here is a link to the publishers where you have a preview. It is amazing.…

A making of should also be online as soon as I write it. I am just waiting for the right moment to get to do all of these things.

So thanks for reading and keep in touch.

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Thanks to all that clicked the links. Looks like the free hosting server is down at the moment, but should be up soon, so if you happen to stop by, don't be shy :) click :)

I need a little help for a school project where we have to create a virtual company website, and our grades are based on google search and traffic ranking. So it would help a lot if you would click these links :D
and the blog…
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This is is the 30K journal I guess. Thank you viewers ! I salute you!

In other news, I'm very busy. Those of you asking for some personal work will have to wait some more. Maybe a lot more. But i guess I will post some other professional work sometime soon.

I still plan to write some matte painting tutorial/making of/article but i can't seem to find the time. But you could check out this book from 3D Total, where i have a four page making of of Atlantis, wich should be cool. And there are tons of great artists for you there.…

I also received my copy of Expose 5, containing the Cathedral, wich is very very nice ;)

How are you guys? I hope everything's ok :)

All the best,

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Ok, so news flash :D

I started woking on a professional level for about a year now. Mostly matte painting and illustration for feature film and television. I'm currently working on a freelance basis and I'm loving it. Thinking about also getting a job in a local studio. Anyway, i'm always open to new projects, so if you need anything don't hesitate to contact me!

My personal work is also going great, I recently won the second place in the gnomon workshop january contest, and 20 training dvd's are a lovely prize :D . You will also see a big making of in the book published by Digital Art Maters vol 2, and I will probably release a public making of too. But later on. Some of my work got featured in the 3dtotal gallery, and I will be writing a making of for City Towers very soon. So those of you who wanted tutorials, keep your eyes out :)

And the tagged thingie :D (thanks to SilhouetteOfEmbrace )

1: I'm not very friendly with people I've just met.
2: I'm a romantic.
3: I have a lot of blue clothes.
4: I really like what I'm doing.
5: I get along great with my brother. I mean great.
6: I love the sea and the sun.

So I guess that's it for now.

All the best to all of you :D

20 years old now :D
and 20k+ :D
The journal really really needed an update but I don't really feel like writing one :|. Lots of things changed in my life ,so if you have any questions... just ask and I'll be happy to answer.

It's been a long time since my last journal, so i guess i should update it.

Wonderfull things happened this last month. I got admited at the best computer university in Romania , i had a lot of fun in the vacation wich succeded the exams , and now, a very nice thing , a DD. I have to give  big thanks to Suirebit and alyn for suggesting/ featuring it. It was nice to get a lot of comments, favs , pageviews and the most important , watches. :)

Anyway, working on something new, and it should be great when finished. :D
no journal.
I had surgery last week, because of a tooth, and had to stay in the hospital for 5 days . It was, very, very , very boring. I'm so busy studying for the upcoming exams ,that I don't really have time for anything else.
    Some of you might have noticed that my new submissions are slightly different from what you were used to see in my gallery. That's mainly because I started working a lot more with 3d software, mainly 3d Studio Max. And i'm improving a lot in this area ( wigh makes me happy :D) . I  want to try new things, and 3d gives you a lot of freedom.
    So expect new things :)
Ten thousand pageviews!
I'm really busy with school these days, and all my spare time is used to work on some projects, so i don't really have time to do extra work.

I will be submitting some previews from the short i'm working on with some buddies , and i'd love some feedback on those :)

Anyway, sorry for the inactivity and the small number of comments , but i hope things will get better!

* EDIT *  My newest and also my best piece so far has been released. go check it out now!…

  I know i haven't submitted anything in a while but this about to chenge. I've been away for about 11 days , so i didn't get the chance to work on anything. When i returned i started working on the piece for the spaceartists new devpack. It evolved and it's looking great.
All I can say for now is that it's the most detailed piece i've ever worked on. It is almost finished , so tomorrow or the day afetr tomorrow should be online.

Take care ,
Check out the collab with my brother fein

>>>>>… <<<<<<

So got back from my trip in was great! i saw a lot of interesting things made some new friends and also learned a lot.

Anyway now that i'm back i have more time for art since we have summer holydays and all.
I'm working on a 3d futuristic city in 3ds. I'm still in the moddeling phase but it will come out nicely.

About space art i'm working on a new planet, and it will be quite good. My new avatar is a preview :)


hm.... Dance =p

hello....i'm away now for 2 weeks...gone in France. :) sorry because i will not comment your deviations...but i'll put some effort when i'll be c'ya all n 2 weeks! :)
For a week now i have this message (1P) and cannot get rid of it, even with "select all" and "mark as read" ...

Does anybody else has invisible polls ?

* yeah, 10 ! arghhhhhhhhh!
* yup, but it doesn't bother me
* nope
* what are you talking about???

Ok, the collab with duris it's finally finished. Now go and check it out! Leave a comment and a fav if u like it!

ORIGIN >>>>…
First check out my brother's latest image. It's worth seeing.And leave a comment if u like it :)


Now this is what's comming :D

The collab with duris it's gonna be great.Got his render, started workin in the space part, it's gonna be a blast. Really big image, it's gonna be great!

I'm gonna make a collab with muetze too, just waiting to get my hands on one of his awesome renders.

I've got some plans for other collabs, i'll let you know when i start working.

I think is time a do a 100% space scene now, beacause it's been a long time since i made one.These last months it's been mostly photomanips.Waiting to get an awesome idea :)

I guess this is it by now, 2 more weeks of school and after that my 11th year will be over.The final highschool year will come, big exams, university ...OMG!!! But all that afer the Summer :D

I'll be out of town for a while, until sunday. I'm sorry I won't be able to work on the collabs.

Hello people...

So this is a new journal...Finally got some rest, I don't have anything really important to do right now, so more time for DA :D And that's good because now i'll have the time to comment on people's work again:)

Got invited in TerraSpace . I'm really happy with that :) The group sound pretty fun...  the first assignment is really cool, so now i have pretty big expectations...Anyway, this is all for now...i think...if i think of something else i'll let you know ;)